Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ / 01

Who are the services for?

The services are to help people who, because of age, sickness or disability, cannot easily make such arrangements for themselves. They are for people who require the reassurance that the helpers providing the services have been vetted & need a reliable service.

FAQ / 02

What checks are made before a helper is placed on the Register?

All helpers are interviewed, references taken up and a DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) check made.

FAQ / 03

Who pays for arranging the services?

A membership fee is payable monthly by standing order.

This pays the Charity’s running costs, the costs of setting up, supervising all services used and for all necessary advertising and recruitment of helpers.

FAQ / 04

Who pays the helpers?

Clients are responsible for paying their helper directly. Home Support Elmbridge advises clients  and helpers of a minimum recommended rate for each service and any changes to this recommended rate.

FAQ / 05

What if there is a problem?

Preventing problems is our aim. Home Support Elmbridge makes random quality control checks via phone calls or visits. However, should a problem arise this should be discussed with the helper in the first instance. If the matter cannot be resolved then the Co-ordinator should be contacted. Serious problems will be reported to the appropriate authority.

FAQ / 06

Are donations accepted?

Yes. As a registered charity Home Support Elmbridge welcomes donations from beneficiaries and local organisations. Please contact the Manager.

FAQ / 07

How long has this service been operating?

A service called Molesey & Dittons Housework Scheme was launched in 1990 providing a cleaning service in those areas of Elmbridge. The organisation gradually offered more services throughout the whole borough of Elmbridge changing its name to MDHS Household Services. In 2012 the name had been changed to Home Support Elmbridge to better reflect the services provided.